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I’ve seen a lot of people talk about this issue, so maybe it’s a subject worn thin at this point, but I really wanted to get a word in on it, because it’s, as a lot of you know, a surprisingly big part of my life.

I’m sure most of you remember the infamous Time article entitled “Millenials: The Me Me Me Generation.” And I’m sure just as many of you were baffled by the statements made by the author. And this obviously hasn’t been the only recent article like this.

The “Me” Generation? How about the “We” Generation? I find it amazing that Time made this claim about us, while at the same time, so much research is showing how we are one of the most socially aware generations

So, what does the selfie have to do with it? I believe the word “disillusionment” best describes it. My generation is disillusioned with the way things are. With the way people, animals, and the environment are treated. With the way we have been targeted by advertisements to believe we have to buy their products to be good enough for society.

Because of selfies, I am happy with myself. I take a great selfie, and I am ecstatic with how I look, who I am, and how I am received by the public. Even negative feedback and hate mail makes me go, ‘well, you cared enough to send me that, didn’t you?’ While Time sees this as me being narcissistic, I see it as me being disillusioned by the ideas of the past - the idea that modesty is best, the idea that I shouldn’t love myself, the idea that I’m a puppet for corporations to use until I’ve died and become money to them through my death in the form of life insurance. Selfies remind me that I am an individual. That I have a place in the world. And I can stop for one second in the day and remember how important I am. 

Narcissism? You mean self-worth, self-love, and self-acceptance? I refuse to be a corporate machine. I refuse to be silenced. I refuse to be persuaded that my worth is defined by what I own. I am an individual. Selfies reveal my life, my individuality, and that even though I am one among billions on this planet, I am here. I am present. I am a living, breathing, button-pushing human.

I used to hate myself. How I looked, who I was, what I was. Then I started taking selfies, actually analyzing myself in the mirror, redefining my values and myself. By taking a nice selfie, by analyzing the parts of myself I love in the mirror, I have not become narcissistic. I have become healthy. Would I be healthier if I still hated myself? It’s almost like the writers of these articles think so. Yet here I am, happier with myself and feeling more self-love and self-acceptance than ever.

The word “selfie” alone sounds silly, and exponentially more so when I’m using it to describe something as serious as the self-worth of an entire generation, but this is my Selfie Story, and even though it’s very tl;dr, I hope at least one person sees this and realizes that loving yourself ISN’T A BAD THING!!! 

If I could get my followers to do something similar, and tag it “my selfie story”, that would be amazing. I’m going to track that tag and reblog all of them, just fyi.

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