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What do you think this is a photo of?

The holocaust maybe?

It’s a photo of crucified Armenian females during the Armenian Genocide.

Armenian Genocide. You probably don’t even what that is. It was the systematic murder, rape and deportation of my people, of my ancestors. The Ottoman Empire, now modern day Turkey, wanted my people destroyed. A million and half of my people, wiped out. Countless others deported, scattered around the globe.

Til’ this day, the Republic of Turkey denies these acts.

The Armenian Genocide man, this is why you see cars draped with the red, blue and orange every April. Why we shut down Hollywood every April 24th. We fight for the recognition man, the acknowledgement that my people were systematically exterminated.

It hurts. It hurts knowing that Turkey denies these acts, 99 years later. It hurts seeing President Obama, I mean puppet* Obama blatantly lie to the cameras and not call genocide, genocide.

We won’t stop fighting. We will never forget.

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